Cool And Cloudy

Big Hole River 782 cfs—Maidenrock

The weather conditions today made for some interesting fishing. Big attractor patterns started out great, then slowed up but finished great. There were no hatches to speak of as it was quite cool all day.
It looks like the next couple days are gonna be more of the same. So with that in mind we are trying out some new big ugly attractors like we did today and they worked. Not real consistent but enough action to keep them on awhile.

As for the rescue operation at the dam—thanks for the comments. Thing is, all floaters have to do is what the signs tell them to do and you can’t miss the signs. There is a large one on Silver Bridge, two more on the both banks down stream and a big one on the dam structure. These guys told me they saw the signs but thought they could make it anyway.
There is going to be a new dam built soon. I was asked by the engineering firm to be on the advisory committee. I jumped at it as I will guarantee there will be a fish ladder and a safe float through slip. There are no final plans for the structure but some interesting concepts and ideas are in the works. I’ll pass them on after the first meeting which will be in mid August.

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  1. Hi Al, I took advantage of the cooler weather and fished Devil Rock in the canyon yesterday. When I parked I thought, “Wow–look at all ’em spruce moths–but they were just #8 mosquitoes.

    Slow action for the first hour or so on nymphs, then midges and swarms of mayflies and a few caddis made things GREAT from mid-morning to noon or so. Tried several patterns but the huge (#10) Purple Haze that you talked me into buying were by far the best–lots of 12″ to 15” rainbows. Had several much larger trout roll at the fly and a few “short strikes” by them–probably my imperfect drift in the complicated currents of that pocket water.

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