Caddis Soon

Big Hole River 2440 cfs–Maidenrock

Yesterday was another bright, cool, slow day. We were on the upper river and got some attention on Skwala patterns on top but in general it was slow.
Got the photos from Wally when the weather was freezing and snowing etc. last week. Sending them on to Patricia and she should have them on the site today.

With this warm weather the caddis should be showing up very soon.


  1. will send a pic of the fly that did the best

  2. Does if have to snow or will tomorrow be fishable?

    Nice fish. I love big browns!

  3. Hey Wally, where is the pic of you kissing that big whitefish?
    Geoff, it seems the snow brought the best fishing but the caddis should be coming soon.

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