Big Hole River 2380 cfs—Maidenrock

At times today a person might have thought it was January the way the snow squalls were coming through. There would be a little break and then as we looked up toward Nez Perce ridge another would be coming and they came in fast.

This however unpleasant did not hurt the fishing at all. Streamer action was good. Jim caught the most fish but Wally caught the biggest. We got off the river a little early as all of us, yes including me were just about froze.

There was a little baetis action with just a couple fish coming up for them.

Late yesterday conditions were much better and we got some nice fish on skwala patterns on top. Tried it today just for the hell of it and got a whopping 7 incher.

Forecast for tomorrow are for much more pleasant weather.

I’m not a native to these parts but I have been here many a year and I really don’t remember a spring this cold—-which is why I’m still not sold on this global warming thing.


  1. global warming thing is real dude. the more we support research into it the more likely we are to have grandkids catching fish on the big hole. there is no other agenda here. supporting global warming research will only help cold water fisheries.

  2. Will the river fish this weekend? What float did you guys do today? Would you recomend going higher up on the river above Jerry Creek?

  3. Brrrr… is right! But we do have snowpack, by golly. Elk seem to be slow getting to the calving grounds this spring, though.

  4. Bleeding Heart Liberal

    I know you like to joke about global warming sometimes when it’s cold (probably to get a rise out of guys like me), and I hope everyone that reads this blog would like to avoid a heated political debate. But in case you were only half joking, you can’t discredit climate change just because of snow storms in May. One, two, or ten cold springs in Montana doesn’t disprove it, just as ten hot and dry summers in California doesn’t prove it. Overall there’s only been about a one degree rise in average global temp. That’s due to almost no change around here, but as much as five degrees at the poles. The warming polar regions is where the trouble lies… we probably won’t feel the effects around here for a while.

  5. Global temps started dropping several years ago. Do a bit of research on sun spots and global temperatures. Last I checked they still hadn’t seen any sun spots this year.

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