Big Hole River 3300 cfs, Maidenrock

First of all would the guy who e-mailed me about going to the Bahamas in January, 2010 please get back to me. I inadvertantly deleted your mail. At times when I get off the river and a bit tired I delete a lot of things. Get back to me and I will answer all your questions.

OK, so all you wise guys figured out what that fly was that caught the big fish yesterday. It was indeed a San Whammy. Not a fancy one mind you but just a simple red one with a little larvae lace and a bead.

Today we refused to lower ourselves to such patterns and we did much better than yesterday. We used a salmon fly pattern with a nymph dropper. Most fish were on the dropper but the biggest (18 incher) was on the top fly. There are absolutely no salmon flies anywhere but the western tanagers are looking for them big time so we figured the fish were too. It wasn’t great action on top but better than going the turd and worm play.


  1. 6/13-14

    Started at Melrose on Sat. afternoon, nice float, caught lots of fish on streamers and a few on dries. No monsters but no dinks either.

    Overnighted in Glen at Willis Station.

    Sunday we floated Glen to Pennington. Again lots of nice fish on streamers until my Scott S3 broke due to a ferrule coming apart while casting which has been a recurring problem with every internal ferrule rod I have ever owned. When is Scott going to figure out that internal ferrules SUCK? After the rod broke I switched to dries and had quite a few “eats”. Some fish were taking the fly and others were just slapping it or rolling over it. No adult salmonflies spotted but lots of nymphs on the banks and saw a couple of shucks.

    First time I’d been down that low on the river since the flow got high. Lots of new “channels” have opened up and there is a LOT LOT LOT of new wood in the water. Many of the side channels we scouted were partially or completely blocked and there are quite a few dangerous sweepers in the main channel, increasing below the Notch. There were a lot of inexperienced floaters this weekend and I think there will be even more next weekend. Keep your head up and plan your moves far in advance on the lower river as there are a lot of floating hazards down there right now just waiting to ruin the day of those who do not pay attention.

  2. Thanks for the very informative and heads up regarding that lower river. It changes every year and all should use the old floaters motto when going into those channels—when in doubt, scout.

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