Beautiful Morning

It dead calm this morninng and the sea is like glass.
I guess it’s time to get the rods put together and get out there. I did find the reels so ready to go.

Herman was here last night and he and Dan fished Bowen and Young Sound the day before and tied into some nice bones.

We’re getting all the gear together to get ready to head to the west side and Williams Island in the next couple days. Looks like we will be getting a pretty good weather window for a few days so off we go.

The BBQ ribs here at Hanks last night were excellent. There were some big horse eye jacks darting in and out. Will get after them at a later date.


  1. tone the bone

    thanks al; lol have a safe trip to the west side

  2. Glad to read that you’ve made it down there, Al! We had 7 degrees here in NC washington this morning so it’s probably 20 below in Divide! 82 sounds good! We’ve had a hell of a time trying to stay in business this year but it looks like I’m going to make it. It even looks like I’m going to get to come down sometime in Feb.! Going to e-mail Hank next and start trying to set the dates. Hope you have good fishing on the West side, I’ll be reading your reports.

  3. The world must be back in equillibrium: Al is on Andros and we get to live vicariously through him for yet another winter. For now, life is good (better for some though, right Al?)

    Have fun on the west side!

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