Back On The Bighole, Montana

Korea Marc commented that perhaps Al had passed on to happier fishing grounds since there has been no report lately.
Fact is the last week has been hectic to say the least. Due to certain circumstances I had to leave Andros a couple weeks earlier than planned and get back here to Gods country. I really regretted it as Linda and I had planned to make at least one and maybe two more trips to the wild west side in the Williams Island area again but it will still be there next year.

I don’t know the exact stats but flying over the mountains getting here the snow-pack looks great. The river is low and clear with shelf ice here and there.
It might take me a while to get back in the swing of things here as I’m still used to going barefoot and digging my toes in the sand.

My friend Jim and Tone the Bone are heading for Andros in the next few weeks so we can get some reports from them.

For Erik and his pals the fishing this time on Andros was a bit slower than in years past. Maybe it was the cooler water temp. but hard to say. I’m sure Erik will comment and give his own report.

As for me, I will be spending the next week catching up on mail and paper work.

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  1. Glad to see you made it back safe and sound. Of all our trips to Andros this one seemed the most challenging in some respects. Call us spoiled, but the fishing up the creek was spotty to say the least. Still great to be out but just not up to what we’ve come to expect the last several years.

    I think the cooler than normal weather trend had more to do with it than anything. Water temps seemed a bit lower than normal. You can deal with the wind and you can deal with lack of sun at times but it seemed as though the fishing was best mid/late day when the sun had a chance to warm the water.

    Highlights of the week: started off with Herman two days one night in the Joulters. Windy and overcast conditions but we still got into alot of tailers. The weather threw the night fishing on the point off for John (too windy and rough). It did seem odd wearing shorts, wading in the water, but having 3 layers and a fleece jacket up top. My father caught his first bonefish ever along with several more the very first morning there. He quickly acclimated to seeing and catching the invisible fish Herman would point out to him and by the end of the trip was making a game out of spotting them before him.

    Middle of the trip went two days one night on the west side with Herman & Joe. Lots of nice country with plenty of nieve bonefish to go around. My friend Mike joined the 10lb club landing a real bruiser. I wasn’t in his boat at the time but the way I got it secondhand was Herman said “beeeg fish coming in mon, don’t screw dis wun up”. He didn’t. Lots of cuda seen and caught.

    Rest of the week spent in and around Fresh Creek and Young Sound. My father ended up catching a 10 lb Cubera Snapper the last day in Cargill Cut. Hit a green tube lure of all things. Like I said before, while we did catch fish up the creek we never got into them hot and heavy like we normally do.

    Had a chance to meet Linda, spent some time with Al, Audry and Linda on Audry’s sailboat, had alot of laughs with Hank & Company and overall another great trip.

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