Young Sound

What a day we had at Young Sound. Not only did we get into lots of fish but Wendy had a hay day collecting shells. As were poling she was watching the bottom for conch and shells and she found lots. The rail in front of our rooms is covered with sand dollars.
There were several times that I had to remind her that we were on the hunt for bonefish. Troy was on the deck looking as Wendy was baling out of the boat several times in the shallow water picking up conch or shells. At one point she was behind the boat a ways looking for more stash as I was poling with the tide going away.Troy hollered to her something about this shark behind her and this blond gal was suddenly walking on water toward the boat.
To sum it up it was a fantastic day to be here on Andros.


  1. what a day to find sand dollars and bonefish!! it sounds like a perfect day to me. we had some friends visiting us on molokai from MT. They felt they had hit the montana lottery to pick this week to come to hawaii, as it was -33 in butte not including wind chill. we love the fishing reports and miss all of you. glad you are having fun.

  2. Hi! Lulu and Speedo, How do you like Hawaii? I am off to Andros on Monday and really can’t wait. We have another blizzard today. We’ll miss seeing you both at Andros and hope you are well and enjoying your new place.

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