Weather Update

big Hole River 3990 cfs

I see now that the forecast for Saturday is for a high temp. of almost 90. That will definitely bring that high snow down in a hurry.
The river was rising most of the day today and the fishing was tough. There were spots when it was fairly good and there were spots where it was dead.
I was in an area however where there were very few other boats. We had some good dry fly action on pmd’s on the gitgo.
The weather and scenery was perfect.
Couple intense comments on yesterday’s entry you might want to read.


  1. I guess I’m more responding to the comments yesterday, pointing out that there are some of us who aren’t guides, are from Bozeman (since 1993 in my case), who love that river, and consider it a special day when finding the time to haul our boat over there and enjoy and appreciate what I call “a trout’s trout river.” Yeah, we have a lot of jackasses here, but frankly, I’ve found them everywhere — and some of the nicest most appreciative people I’ve met have some from NY City in an effort to escape the bad attitudes there. So I guess what I’m saying is let’s try not to bring to Montana the attitudes of everywhere else, where people make judgments on where you’re from before giving them the chance to prove themselves assets to the experience. At the same time, if they are proven jackasses, set them straight in no uncertain terms.

  2. In a nut-shell, I feel it is the responsibility of the guy on the sticks to have a little courtesy in an effort to keep things civil in the river. Last weekend, a 4 boat floatilla was just leapfrogging 12 guys from run to run in a big pack. If you did not space your angling accordingly from these folks, it seemed like a bunch of semi trucks barreling down the river. It was like floating by a football team that was smoking cigars- It’s no fun to get involved with a ton of other anglers, but I guess as Montanans, we must sometime realize that even people with the best of intentions have no clue what is going on out there. A month ago, we were one of only 6 boats on a section of water and still had some folks float rite over our pod of rising fish… Sometimes, you just can’t fix stupid.

  3. Hopefully everyone will go to Rock Creek this weekend where the real bog ones are at….

  4. Dan in Colorado

    Hey mon, reading the comments in yesterdays blog, you definitely got some fiesty individuals up there in the North country, ya mon !!

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