Two 11’s

Big Hole River 2480 cfs

I did’nt fish today and it depends on who you talk to as to how the fishing was. I talked to one fella who we shuttled from Divide to Melrose and he said he did terrible. I also talked to a couple local guides (with their clients standing right next to them) and they said they did very well.

The other day I had two eleven year old fly fisherman in my boat. The day started out great with both sticking fish on dry fly’s. They wanted the worm and bobber deal at first but I soon convinced them other wise. Just after lunch tensions started to rise. We were anchored on an island and these two were tallying up there count so far. Tempers got riled when one kept telling the other his whitefish did not count as it’s not a trout. The other countered by saying the one he caught by the tail did not count as it was not legally caught and that his grayling should count as two. The more this went on the more tempers flared and they were like two banty roosters at each other.
I told them I didn’t care if they duked it out, wrestled in the mud or whatever but things had to be settled before they got back in the boat. They finally settled matters by adding there fish together and counting everything in order to beat their cousins who were fishing in another boat.

Last week I mentioned that Frank up at Troutfitters got up pretty early in the morning. The other day when my rig was at Fishtrap access there was a nasty note on the windshield. In it he was threatening to cut off certain of my extremities. Apparently someone read that report and was pounding on Frank’s door at 6:00 a.m. demanding a shuttle. Perhaps we should let him sleep in a bit longer and maybe he’ll quit sharpening his jack knife.


  1. hey Al, are the spruce moths out yet??? Jack and I are coming back to the Big Hole next week. Jack has been catching 6-9″ browns and bows which he throws back up here in Rock Creek, so we’re looking for something a little bigger when we come back. No, I have not been practicing–my shoulder and forearm were killing me for a week after our float, and you know Jack is the serious fly fisherman–I’m mostly along for the ride! Looking forward to seeing you next week. Stay well, use those sunscreen shirts you sell, and we’ll bring along our rain gear! Laurel

  2. AL,
    I fished the river today below Divide. Traffic was a little heavy but the fishing was near fairytale. We had a bit of trouble with the drys but the 17″ and up browns were near suicidal for nymphs size 6-14. Myself and my clients interacted with a couple of pushy jerks at the boat ramp, but after that mess all was well. Droppin’ like a rock. Glad you won the bet. I knew you would.

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