Troy and Wendy’s Report

My friends from Idaho went offshore with Hank today in search of dolphin, wahoo and what ever.
Troy got a bonefish on his first day and I told them if the weather permitted to go to the south buoy with Hank for a great time. Who could tell it better than Wendy herself so here goes.

What a great time we are having! The sun, the fish, good friends and plenty to drink! What more could we ask for considering word from home is at least two feet of snow. So sorry Idaho! Today we had a fantastic trip, out on the ocean and brought in 5 Dorados (sp) the dolphin fish, the largest was landed by myself, at just shy of 4 feet and a little over 25 pds! Then we landed 4 or 5 wahoo’s! (I can only take credit for one of thoose.) Troy also brought in a nice baracooda once again I am not sure on the spelling! It was a heck of day at sea! Hank then was so kind to take care of them and yes, in a little bit we are going to be enjoying some of our catch for dinner! Thank you Hank! We had a great time with many new memories!!!

Also, Thanks Al for letting us hang with you in the Bahama’s! ~Wendy


  1. Hi! Al,
    Your reports are great but it’s killing me as we are truly in a blizzard in Cameron, Montana. Ugh! I had to put on a total ski suit and goggles with gator to go to the car, try to get it started, and drive a short distance 8 miles (no visibility) to the post office. Winds have been howling on a daily basis 30+mph Yuck! I really can’t wait to get there and be with the island crew. Keep enjoying it but save a few bones and cudas for me.


  2. Awesome! See ya’ll this afternoon.

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