Still Winter

Big Hole River 1800 cfs

There was a comment from Andy that seemed to chastise me for talking about global warming and really not believing it. Actually I have seen enough scientific evidence that it probably is a fact.

Now this morning you would have a hell of a time selling that idea to me and a lot of other people here in Western Montana. We woke up to 8 inches of new snow, the temp. was 3 degrees above zero (which meant in the upper Big Hole Valley it was probably 15 below zero), the river was choked with slush ice and there were ice crystals in the air–which only happens when it’s damn cold. The high temp. today was only 30 and it will drop to near zero again tonight. The date is April 21st. The forecast for the next few days is for more snow and cold.

With all this said if you were here and went into one of the local saloons up river and tried to sell the global warming thing—-you might find yourself stuck head first outside in a 6 foot snow drift and no—Al Gore would not be around to pull you out.
At times it’s fun to just ramble on.

The river is dropping and visibility is now back to about a foot. If it would warm up just a bit by the weekend it would fishin again. Right now it’s a bust.

Tony continues to send comments from Andros Island about the fishing and other activities there.
I have received some negative words about reports from Andros Island. If you don’t like em, don’t read em.

On this site I have tried to promote the fun with fishing with a fly–no matter where it’s at. I try to give the personal side with all it’s humor, up times and down times whether it’s on one of the many rivers here in Montana or on a remote flat on Andros Island. The joy of catching a 12 inch grayling on the Big Hole River or the joy of catching a monster 12 pound bonefish on a saltwater flat.
Nuff said.


  1. You are in good company on the global warming thing. A sense of humor and perspective can be a healthy thing. Whether or not man is the cause is a great question for the experts. Maybe a few nuke plants in downtown San Francisco would help solve the problem if man is the cause???

    I am coming up to fish next week. I hope the weather improves soon?

    I appreciate your fishing reports.

  2. I tell you what…I am with you.. I could go for about 15 degrees worth of global warming right now. Have a float planned for Friday and Saturday of this week but it looks like I may want to consider rescheduling.

  3. I think the answer to any and all these questions can be found in the bottom of a rum drink at Hanks. And if it isn’t, then slap on a higher SPF and go fish some more anyways. I guarantee you’ll be happy either way!

  4. tone the bone

    goodmorning all fron andros. many subjects to report about and i apologize to all that lay sleepless at night wondering about the report from andros. i’m joking of course. so; we have flip flops. when to break them in and when not to. o’leary and the missing gas tank. tone the bone and no jacks. (the bastards)! barracudas galore. gogie and the mutton snappers. son sean and the overnight stay in ft lauderdale and lastly arts and my upcoming helicopter ride. firstly; i came to andros with a new pair of cabelas flip flops. forgetting my tennis shoes they have been my only mode of foot transportation since arriving. very, very,, bad move on my part. with enough rum i can only tolerate the pain. the rest of the time has been awful. blisters and more blisters. yep; im the mayor of dumb ass town. next up; stephen and himself was determind to catch a cuda and there was no talking him out of going monday night. with rod in hand and many refusels to join him; off he went in the carolina skiff. earlier in the day hank had junior come down and re-build the carbs in the johnson motor. (footnote.) feeling like the bad cousin i grabbed my stuff and
    called out to him as he was going out into the creek. he turned around and came back to pick me up and off we went with a couple of hanky pankys. peace offerings from me as i think he was pissed off that i refused to go at first. so off we go. we make it about 200 yrds to the bridge and the engine quits. CRAPOLA! junior screwed it up and now we are on a raging incoming tide and floating up the creek. i hollered to some patrons of hanks that were on the deck and asked that they get hank to come and save our ass. they did, and minutes later here come hank and junior. much to our relief we have been saved. the best part was yet to come. as hank and junior came upon us hank is chewing on us pretty hard. not something anyone should have to experience in thier lives. he’s asking us what the $%^# we did to his motor and blah blah blah. i was looking at the bottom of the boat as well as stephen and then the laughing started. hank and junior are on the bottom of thier boat rolling. i new right then that stephen had forgotten to grab a gas tank. we; were out of gas. end of story but never forgotten. i’m sure stephen will get some kind of recognition on the dock in the form of a wooden sign. the fishing has been very slow for bones the last couple of days. the conditions have been ideal but the fish are somewhere that we are’nt. big labowski held a few fish the other day but mostly nursery fish. i caught one small jack. speakin of jacks. i want you all to know that the horse eyed jacks of hanks place are the most god awful fish in the world for yours truly to catch. busted 3 off the other night. went after them last night. just me and art. i missed em badly and art hooked up. played the fish like a pro and landed a nice 15 pounder like it was just another day in the park. took a half hr but oh well. the bastard! tonights another night. going to borrow hanks marlin gear and i’ll show them who is the king. oh; by the way. saw some fresh permit tracks up past gargill cut. for those that have never done this type of fishing before; bone fish feed on crustasians on the flats leaving little to pie plate size marks in the sand. schools of small permit leave garage size marks that you can see from quite a distance. i am by no means an expert but thats what i’ve observed in the past. this is getting long and sommerset is the pick of the day. great tide for an afternoon hunt. so in closin; i will try to report later tonight but if i dont you will know where i will be. think marlin gear. tone the bone.

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