Big Hole River 807 cfs

I took a drive up river this afternoon and it is still intermittently frozen above Dickie Bridge and East Bank.
At the present time there is light snow and the temp here at the house is 30.
Visibility on the river is about 2 feet and it appears to be leveling off. With these cold temps I would expect so and forecast for the rest of the week is for cool conditions.

Tony, Art and crew have just landed on Andros Island today and were greeted with cool temps and strong winds out of the NW. In the next couple days conditions will be improving a lot and we should be getting some reports from there.

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  1. tone the bone

    greetings from andros island. your roving reporter has had a very interesting and frustrating two days in the bahamas. late flights to lost baggage and many casts to trophy bones with the wind blowing mach 6 into my face. oh well; life is good. my son sean and his best friend j.p. have had no clothes for for 3 days. no flies, boots or toothbrush. it sucks to be them. thier stuff arrived about twenty minutes ago and they are booth very happy and brushing their teeth as i speak. fishing has been very………….good. lots of shots and some nice hook ups. tone won the big fish bet today with a hefty 6 pounder. according to herman the master. back to the kost luggage. gary b. has yet to receive his bags yet and i see a stroke coming on. beware bahamas air. you have one really pissed off customer. i’ll be back tommorow. my liver is calling for more. from andros island. tone the bone.

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