Snowing Again

Not much to report except that the river is at 3640 cfs after getting close to 4000 this morning.
At the present time it’s pretty much blown out…..let me rephrase that. At the present time it is blown out.
I look for the river to continue to drop and believe it has peaked for our first run off. The next one in about a month will bring the river up much higher.

For the last two hours it has been snowing heavily, must be more of that global warming goin on.


  1. Is the reality of Global Warming really something to joke about?

  2. wallace marsh

    Global warming may be for real but what is causing it is up for dicusssion Labeling those that disagree crackpots is not discussing the issue

  3. Hey Al,
    I think your jokes about global warming are quite funny. I’ve been reading your posts since I moved to Butte, about 3 years ago, and its my first time commenting. I love all the fishing updates and hearing about bone fishing is quite interesting. I’m still learning to fly fish, and enjoying it, even though I’m not yet completely hardcore and will still break out the spinning rod when I get frustrated. (don’t hate me, its hard to screw that up, even though it doesnt mean I will catch fish)

    I just wanted to say that its ok not become a Gore zombie. There are sooo many scientist that have very different views than the new fad, even though the news hates these people because they arent preaching death to the world.

    That’s all I wanted to say, im sure I’ll be attacked for having my own opinion and not going with the crowd. I may be banned, probably going to have protestors at my house, cause problems on your sight, and have my birthday taken away.

    But I’m not sorry for the post. lol

  4. True or untrue, I prefer a little humor to go through life. It’s too short not to laugh along the way.

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