Slow Morning

Big Hole River 1060 cfs
Beaverhead 858 cfs

Still have problems with my computer. Some thing about new updates that they say are necessary and they are screwing me up big time. Oh well I just whine to my neighbor Patricia and she comes over and fixes it again.

Yesterday with the clouds and light rain the fishing was great using big attractor patterns.

This morning it started out a bit slow but mid day and afternoon made up for it. It was a bit surprising with the bright sun but the top water action was good. We did drop a nymph off a big attractor for a little while when it was slow but not for long.

Marty and his daughter Chrissy had a great day. Chrissy had an exceptional day as it was her first time fly fishing and she caught the biggest fish. She is in her third year med school and she was really happy cuz she found out she did very well on her recent 9 hour test. Imaging taking a test for 9 hours. Don’t know about you but there is no way this cowboy could do it.

In the afternoons don’t be afraid to chuck out some size 10 attractor patterns. Put something on that does not come close to anything hatching, for example for awhile this afternoon they whacked a #10 royal wulff—explain that one.

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  1. Probably because of all the god damn deerflies.

    Really it was just because Mr. Wulff knew how to get chit done.

    Never, never underestimate the power of the Wulff. I’ve caught fish on RW’s on the Beav in the past with a pair of BB Gremlins in front of them under a bobber. Of course it was by accident when a client decided to tie on his own fly instead of waiting for me to do it. Next thing I know he’s hooked up.

    “Whatcha get him on?” I asked.

    “That fly we were catching them with on up the Big Hole yesterday.” said the client.

    “What? Let me see that.”

    Sure enough, he had caught a nice rainbow while nymphing with a size 14 Royal Wulff tied like Folkedahl likes ’em.

    Lee Wulff rolled in his grave that day.

    God bless ya Lee. RIP

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