Big Hole River 457 cfs (maidenrock)

Late this afternoon we had a good rain shower and by checking the graph at the Maidenrock site it must have rained hard in the mountains. As of about 1800 hrs the graph took a pretty good spike. I already had a couple calls asking if this would slow the fishing. I would imagine it would a bit but not for long.
Personally I would love to see more rain and adverse conditions as this would warrant bringing out the big guns again for some real action.

Forecast for tomorrow is for 50 percent chance of rain. When they say 50 percent you might as well just figure on it so don’t forget your rain jacket. Also bring your 6 wt with a hand full of 2
XL streamers just in case.

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  1. Geez Al, now you’re gonna have me reverting to streamer fishing?

    Bad enough I stopped in and after all these years I finally listened to your advice and bought a few Purple Haze. Now I’m fishing something that doesn’t even look like anything alive on this Planet Trout. But it DOES catch fish.

    I just did a little post about it at the EcoRover blog site, in part as a way of thanking you, and in part as a way of paying penance for not listening to you sooner.

    Go figure. And to think I’ve wasted the first 40 years of my life clinging to the Parachute Adams.

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