On The Road Again

That title is from an old Willie Nelson song that has gotten into my system long time ago and has never left. Hence I’m leaving again tomorrow morning for Andros Island. I have been going there for nine years and am more excited about going there than ever. One reason is that we are going to be doing a lot more exploring especially on the remote west side. We already have plans to spend Thanksgiving on Williams Island on the west side, conditions permitting of course. I’ll be publishing periodic reports from there provided Hank’s computer is working.
My friend Linda from Andros is bound and determined to teach me the proper way to snorkel and dive for lobster, conch, spear fish etc. Last time I tried it on my own I almost drown in 3 feet of water. Something about the mask was way too small and my mustache was letting the ocean in. That’s why I’m kinda prone to liken the shallow flats where if your are in up to your knees, your too deep.

Fishing here on the Big Hole remains good while elk hunting is terrible. The weather has been way too nice for huntin.

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  1. Ok almost a week an no word from Al. So it leads me to believe one of the following must have happened:

    1) He booked through Westernair and they lost his reservation. He’s still waiting in Nassau for a flight

    2) He booked through Bahamas Air, and the plane broke down on the tarmac so they’re waiting for it to get fixed

    3) He can’t handle the Hanky Panky’s, hence he can’t see the keyboard to type

    4) He hooked the mother of all bonefish which took him out to sea, never to be heard of again

    5) He’s having too damn much fun, eating too much conch, drinking too much Kalik and fishing entirely too much to worry about the rest of us who live vicariously through him

    #4 would be a glorious way to go, but I think it’s more a combination of the others.

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