Not A Bad Day

Big Hole River 2180 cfs

We took that R & D run this afternoon and I have to admit I was a bit surprised. The sun was bright and water visibility only about a foot and a half but the fish hit just about every streamer pattern I tried. First fish was a nice 18 inch male brown trout that took a #4 Delektable Yellow Screamer which is a pretty bright fly for a bright day. I also caught fish on JJ Special, yellow yummy, and our own bunny leach. Never tried any nymphs as I was having too much fun with streamers.

Upcoming conditions are looking very good.


  1. Sounds Great! We will be there next week and looking forward to getting out and doing some fishing! Weather will be different than when we were in the Bahamas, but at least I will not be jumping out of the boat after shells! See you soon!!!

  2. sounds great to me I have lots of new streamer ideas from last winters tying and a stonefly nymph that looks good to me hope the fish see it the same way,. looking forward to fishing with you againand who knows the caddis may come off to make it really great

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    Fish on…

  4. lulu here, sorry i am going to miss the mother’s dsy caddis hatch and good fishing on the big hole. i am going to molokai to meet speedo and help pounding nails on our house. it is nice to see the snow capped mountains in the distance, however my skin is quite dry and am looking forward to ocean breezes. i understand that the pacific ocean is very calm at this time of year. in my senior citizen frame of mind, i like to be tan and enjoy the salt water.

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