More Snow

There is about 6 inches of new snow in my yard coming down in the last couple hours. I keep telling myself that this is a good thing as we need all the snow and moisture we can get. As of now we are well above the average snow pack.

It’s really hard to keep a good attitude about this weather especially after the e-mail I get from all my friends who are now at Andros Island. Some had the audacity to tell me about the hundreds of bonefish they encountered at the Joulters.
The latest mail this evening from Lulu and Linda was about all the grouper they caught today and what a fantastic dinner they all had with steamed fresh grouper topped with their special red sauce etc. etc. They went so far as to name each individual friend of mine who was partaking of this feast. As a real low blow they tried to express remorse about me sitting here in the snow while I know for a fact that they are laughing their buns off.
All bullshit aside it does my heart good knowing they are all having a great time. I even did my good voodoo spell on them to have good fortune in their fishing ventures. I’m sure I will be getting more reports in the next few days which I will pass on. Most of them will be fact except some of the tales I get from Hank which I’m not quite sure about.


  1. Al,

    This past trip was by far my most satisfying. Not in terms of #’s of fish caught or anything but in relaxing and going with island time, and making new friends and becoming better friends with people we have met on earlier trips.

    The overnight camp out in the Joulters with Herman seems larger than life now that I think back on it. We literally saw over a 1,000 fish the first day, had a lobster dinner over the fire with rice cooked in coconut milk, listened to Hermans stories about growing up on the island and all his experiences……then passing on the new tent Herman had bought for the occasion only to put the sleeping bags on the beach and sleep under the stars (or was it the rum that made us do it?). A truly awesome experience. When we were done with the second day and heading back to Hanks we all felt we had just run a marathon and were exhausted. And before I forget, Herman grabbing the nurse shark by the tail and throwing it over his shoulder on the walk back to the boats took Eric and Greg a bit by suprise.

    And to Lulu and Speedo, glad to have finally met you in person and I look forward to seeing you again. Thanks for the use of your computer. Have a drink for us less fortunate souls who are now enduring more snow and cold. Listen to me, I sound like I’m complaining already.

    50 1/2 weeks to go……it’s all about the next trip

  2. Al,

    Is this still or I enjoy your comments on Andros but I would love more info on opportunuties in Montana for those of us who cannot schedule vacations during the peak months.

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