Merry Christmas

We’re still waiting on the launch pad for our trip to the west side. Looks like tomorrow is definitely out but as soon as we get a good weather window for a few days we’re off.
Lots of rain and wind last couple days with gusts right here in the harbor of 38 knots.

From all of us here on the Island to all of you where ever you may be–MERRY CHRISTMAS


  1. Al,

    You missed your Christmas visitor. Oh well, we took a few pictures for you.

  2. well; the snow keeps coming here in spokane and no end in sight. xmas day was a great day and much fun had by all. son sean got me a very nice book called the 50 places you have to fish before you die. andros was one the big hole another. only 48 to go but like most of us that have been there andros is enough and the big hole is the best. let us know how the williams island trip was. be safe and happy new year. tone the bone

  3. Tony,
    You’re not kidding about the snow!!!!! Man, I keep telling myself while I’m shoveling that the fish and rivers need the water.

    Wouldn’t it be great to be in the Bahamas about now!

    Take care,


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