Big Hole River 1240 cfs

The river has some what leveled off and the visibility is two feet at the most.
Some friends of mine from Helena floated today from Jerry Ck. to Divide and had limited success. Good news is that they caught most of the fish on Skwala patterns on top. Biggest of the day though was on a san whammy hanging below the skwala.
Weather conditions for tomorrow are about the same.
Now listen to this—winter conditions are forecast for Monday with a high of only 25. So what’s with this global warming? This has to be one of the coldest Spring conditions here.

Had a customer come in the shop yesterdsay and wanted a shuttle from East Bank down to Jerry Ck. He looked at me like I had two heads when I told him it was still froze up there and there is still 2 feet of snow going into the access. He went on to say at this same time last year they did that float and had great success. He then stared at me for a few long seconds thinking I would change my story. I stood my ground, smiled and said from Jerry Creek down is where you want to go. He left in a bit of a tiz and I would bet my last nickel he headed up there to check it out for himself.
It is very unusual as it is April 17th for the upper river to still be iced up but it is what it is.

Tone the bone did a comment on Andros Island fishing on Snowin entry. Weather on the island has improved lots and we should hear some good fish story’s soon.


  1. goodmorning all from andros island; weather this a.m. is beautiful. we are on an off day with herman and his great team of guides. went up the creek yesterday and had a great day. we started up at the end of the creek with very….little luck. in fact; no luck at all. o fish. we normally get shots at bones, permit and tarpon. the morning was real cool and water temps were way down. 60 degrees at best. bones dont like the cold water so it was a bust at the top end. as our day went on we got into alot more fish. bones and cudas. many…………shots for all boats and many humbling moments trying to make a 40 ft cast into a 20 knot wind. very humbling. we did however catch alot of fish. we have a big fish bet and yours tryley; tone the bone is in the lead with 6lb and 7lb fish. rather be lucky than good. we are off to the yaht club for breakfast and then off up the creel. garys bags are still m.i.a. and not making for a real good attitude. for all that hav’nt made the trip down but want to; be prepared for roughing it. this is’nt the hilton but for those that like to explore and hunt for bones in one of the most beautiful places on earth come on down. i’ll try to give you a report on today adventure. later; from andros island. tone the bone.

  2. Sorry to hear about the artic weather in the bahamas…Yikes! it was almost 80 here, but snow is in the forecast. Glad your in the lead for the fish bet, Good luck !! Hugs

  3. tonebill and art got cliffton the bone

    greetings all from andros. today was joulters day! the most special day of the trip. for those that have not been to this most beautiful place you dont understand what i’m saying and for those that have; you know what i mean. weather was perfect. sean and his best friend j.p. got herman today. bill and art got cliffton. (new guide to our group) gary and jim got carlton (police officer, preacher and pretty good guide) tone and cousin steven got joe. good guide and a policeman as well. off we go at 6:30 a.m. and get about half way and herman looses a wheel bearing to the trailer. has all the parts he needs to fix the problem. THANK GOD! pressed on and finally got on the water at 9:30. herman was convinced that all is well and the tide was coming in so no worries. we launched and were off to the flats. (what a most beautiful place) joe and carlton were teamed up for our group and herman and clifford were teamed up to go further north. i will start with our group first. we went to many………flats that have held fish in the past but not today. we had perfect conditions with a slight wind but no; and i mean no bones. had a few shots at some nice cudas but they where being real tough. they are scared of tone the bone. i kow this to be true. the fish on the bighole act the same way when i’m around. (really!) anyway: we fished hard all day. when getting back to the launch today our spirits where a little down because we (our team caught 2 bones that subtotaled 20 inches.) CRAPOLA! when hermans group got back all faces were nothing but smiles and more smiles. “TAILING FISH AS FAR AS WE COULD SEE” “TEN POUNDS; NINE POUNDS BLAH BLAH BLAH!” needless to say; the other team had a record book day. herman said that “every bone fish in the joulters were on our flat” art caught a double digit fish and is quite drunk as i speak. j.p caught an 8lb fish and is drunker than art. sean caught 30 plus fish and is crying for joy. me and my team are sober as a judge and going to put a large can of woop ass on all of them. from andros island; tone the bone. more on the tide tabel tommorow. herman and his team got really…………………………………stuck today! great stuff.

  4. I take it Herm didnt ge the berring buddies I sent him? Damn, that dude must have a case of bearings. I’ll send a case of grease next time

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