Leveling Off

Big Hole River 4650 cfs

We used a mixed bag of streamers, nymphs and salmon fly patterns today. The most action was on a cat puke and that was late in the afternoon. There are still a few salmon fly’s and goldens in spots.

I do believe the flow has crested and the river will slowly start to drop. As of tomorrow, June 25th I think Maxman will have lost the bet. That sharkskin fly line will be a bit expensive but it’s still worth it.
Here I go merchandising again—as for the comment saying he was a bit put off by me merchandising I have one thing to say, don’t read it any more. This is my site, I own a fly shop and I’ll do all the merchandising I please. Actually I do very little so take a walk pal.


  1. Wow, telling the guy to take a walk, I feel compelled to comment. I realize you own the fly shop, and the website and run the whole show, and you may not particularly agree with the gentleman’s point of view. Regardless I think you could have handled the situation a little better. The guy was making a simple observation (which I somewhat agree with) We as fishermen/women rely on services such as yours to keep up with current conditions on rivers we are not located near, not listen to you hawk the latest and greatest gear you have for sale (my guess is my old St. Croix with cheap line would have landed the same fish just fine) In exchange we (typically) return the favor when we happen to travel to that river to fish by stopping in and stocking up on some supplies (whether it’s a new rod, reel, leader, flies etc.) a healthy relationship of mutual benefit. Perhaps a line or two at the end of the report giving examples of gear used, or new stuff you have in the shop would be a better approach. Even though I agree somewhat with the previously mentioned gentleman’s opinion, I would have still been glad to stop in on my next visit to the Big Hole, but after reading your reply and digesting the contents, I will now gladly read your reports, tie my own flies and stop in at my home fly shop for any necessary supplies and forego a trip to your establishment. Just my personal opinion and choice, however I felt it was something worth letting you know. I know I may be the only one to let you know, however I doubt I’m the only one who feels this way.

    Craig, a Native Montanan

  2. Hey Matt-

    Buy the line, then you’ll understand why a guy pushes a product. Usually something good like this helps a guy like you cast.

    Keep us informed on the good stuff I know there is thousands of new products every year.


  3. great way for a shop owner to act I will make sure that I stay away from your shop next time I am in your area.

  4. Just as I suspected, my comment did not see the light of day on your website. Oh well, like I said, I may be the only one to actually tell you but I’m sure there are plenty of others that are going to do the same as I am and forego stopping by your shop on their way to fishing the Big Hole. I’m actually glad you’ve exposed yourself for what you are……a narrow-minded crotchety transplant with control issues.

  5. can some one please tell me how many sharks had to die to make this line? :]

  6. I appreciate your comments and your reports. We go up to Montana yearly and fish the big hole and the ruby. Last year was terrific and I for one appreciate your comments. Thank you,

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