Less Than Marginal

The river pretty much blew out with flows now over 2000 and rising and with visibility a foot or less.
At this very moment there is what appears to be a full blown blizzard going on outside my window.
I was thinking of going down to the Hitchin Post this evening for the prime rib special. With the visibility like it is now I guess it’s pork chops here at the house, nice fire goin in the wood stove, nice bottle of pinot noir and watch on tv what the pope was up to today there in NY. I will have to say I’m kinda impressed with this guy and if he ever wants a fishing trip I might even cut him a little break on the price.

To get the latest and greatest reports from Tone The Bone on Andros Island just read the comments on the last entry.
To say I am not just a bit jealous would be a blatant lie.
These guys are having fun and more power to em.


  1. These reports are always great, what a treat it is to read them, thank you for consistently posting. Over the years I’ve heard you mention this “global warming” thing and how you do not believe in it.. Whats funny to me is that you seem to approach the topic as if it is a religion or requires some sort of belief system. Climate change is a reality and global warming is a part of that. Facts are facts and can only be interpeted- it is not a question of belief. Never-the-less as long as we can cast to rising trout or chase bonefish then our world that we live in will remain fun. Lets hope any beliefs we have will continue to preserve what we love to do and not contribute to any ignorance of what is really happening on a global scale..

  2. tone the bone

    goodmorning all; its 10 a.m. or there abouts and just had breakfast with art and steve. a couple of screwdrivers were involved as well. have my snorkel and fins in tow and we are all going snorkeling with linda and audry. a wee bit intimidated due to the huge population of sharks. oh well. sean and j.p. are still in bed and really……….hung over to the max. hank had a huge party on the deck last night and the place was jumpin. great music very nice people and dancing till ya cant do it any more. todays weather is perfect. 85 no wind and a full ice chest of pop and beer. linda is taking us out in the ocean somewhere. i will give a report later on the events of the day. art and bill are going up the creek for a hunt and will report on thier success later as well. until later; tone the bone.

  3. Didn’t know there were sharks in the Big Hole. I’ll have to be more careful!

  4. oh man am i ever jealous, it is 20 degrees in billings and the snow is falling sideways. Aud, i hope you are not taking this group to our have to kill ya if we tell ya places. i have a fire going and am about to curl up with a book. wish i was snorkeling with you all in the morning.

  5. tone the bone

    goodmorning from andros island; had an all time great day yesterday. gary, jim, audry, linda and myself went out to a little island and went snorkeling and spearfishing. the girls actually did the spearfishing and did quite well. hogfish, mutton snapper and strawberry grouper. art and billy added a nice cuda while fishing up the creek. my day as a spear fisherman was limited to a hundred shots and o fish. i figured that if you had a 6ft spear you should be able to shoot from 6 feet away. i was told later that 6 inches is the norm. all fish were safe with me at the end of the spear. the day was spent mostly in augh of the beauty that surrounded us. saw multitudes of different species of fish, coral and the like. the sea was calm which enabled us to go out on the ocean side. those girls where amazing. audry is 76 yrs young and was after those fish with a vengence. the girls refferd to themselves as sagillions. after many references i had to ask “what is a sagillion?” defenition! a women that owns her own boat, can spearfish with the best of them drinks along side the boys and cus like a sailor. lulu: your name was mentioned often as being a member of this select group. they all sent you a fond hello. now a report on art and bills trip up the creek. they left at about ten thirty and trolled for cuda’s on their way up. caught 2 just past the ship wreck. one good keeper. they ended up fishing big labowski flat. got there about noon and the flat was loaded with bones. 50 fish day with many fish in that magical 4-6lb range. some nursurey fish were also there. 1-2 lbs. they were having a great day until the return trip home. engine failure on the carolina skiff. aftermany………attemps to fix the problem it became time to stick a thumb out and hitch a ride. finally a local guide stopped and brought them back to the dock. linda then took art back to the boat and towed her in. after we got the boat back we decided that it was time to get the party started. drinks and beer were flowing smoothly. we butchered our days catch and got dinner going out on the deck. i had gone shopping earler in the day and had bbq onions going. the girls brought a big salad. at about 9:30 we served it up. bbg fish with garlic butter, salad, bbq onions and garlic toast. also fresh corn out of the can. it was great! hog fish is by far the best fish in the sea. well its gettin the time to go catch a fish and enjoy another day in paridise. steve and audry are going spearfishing. art and i are going up the creek and the rest of the crew are whining about having to go home today. i’d hate to be them. we have 5 more days and will keep reporting until its our time to whine. so in closing: have a great day all. we’re thinkin about yas. lol. from andros island: tone the bone

  6. What is this….. bonefish.com? 🙂

    Lulu consider the time you spend in Hawaii as penance for what you are dealing with now! Man just when I thought I was getting over being on Andros more reports like this come in. What a bummer. Tony I know exactly what you are talking about when you describe the Joulters and I think I am now worthless to get any work done the rest of the day. Let the daydreaming begin. Take care all—

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