Big Hole River 403 cfs

The river continues to fish very well with streamers on cloudy days producing the best and ant, beetle and may fly patterns on sunny warmer days.
The fkiw for this time of year is excellent. With the past rains we have been having many of the irrigators are already closing their head gates. My hat is off to many of the water users who are closing their head gates gradually so the fish can work their way back up the ditches and into the river.

Andros Island narrowly excaped the fury of Hurricane Ike. A week ago it’s path was predicted to slam right into Central Andros. My friend Linda who works at AUTEC Navy base there was keeping me informed on the conditions. They had C130’s standing by to evacuate the entire base. The day before the storm started turning south and just missed Andros. Great Inagua Island took a direct hit. Linda talked to some of the Coast Guard personnel and they said the storm surge was between 15 and 18 feet. Had this storm hit Andros many of the buildings there would be gone. If your standing on ground 10 feet above sea level on Andros your standing on pretty high ground.

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  1. I had sent a note to Hank before the storm went through but hadn’t heard anything back, so hopefully all’s well

    Getting close to about that time Al, when you flying back down so we can all live our lives vicariously through you? (not like we don’t already)

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