Home Sweet Home ????

That is one long day of flying and many different airports to get from Andros Island to Divide, Montana in one day. I finally touched down at about 11 pm and was greeted to snow, 10 degree temps. and super slick icy roads going home. That’s when I thought to myself now why didn’t I stay there for just a few more weeks. Erik, Speedo and Lulu, Tony and Art, Jim and Sandy are all going there during that time and asked me to stay—-but no I had to get my neck bowed and stick my head in a snow drift here. Oh well there has been some question as to my sanity as of late. Like the one sign at Hank’s states—don’t annoy the crazy person.
I spent the major part of the winter there and here I’m whining.
This last trip was by all means the best so far. I met new people, found new fishing grounds and most importantly laughed alot. A couple really big bonefish were nice but the high light was the helo ride across the flats and the bights. A couple times on that flight I wanted to tell the pilot to drop me and my fly rod off on the flat below and I don’t care if you ever pick me up.

I will continue to get reports from there and will send them on starting with Erik and his buds who will be there next week. These guys are also what we call deep enders which means they are fanatics at this sport and will stop short at nothing to achieve there goals. A deep ender is like a heavy heroin addict who will do anything to get his next fix. He will pace nervously, have an uncontrolable twitch in one or both eyes and act very very strangely indeed. Once he gets his bonefish fix he is relaxed, the twitch is gone and is a quite normal person again—-until it starts to wear off.


  1. Bill Fleischman

    really enjoy reading your comments. I think they are the best fly fishing site comments of all the sites I visit and I visit them all from dan bailey’ s to kingfisher and all of them in between so please keep up the good comments. they help an old fisherman get through some pretty gloomy days around here in Missoula.
    speaking of which it is time to get the san jauns and the bacon n’ eggs out of their rusty dark corners of the still unclean clacka buried under christmas boxes in the garage. Will try the bitterroot near darby next weekend and the clark fork near st regis the weekend after.

  2. Al,

    As one of the afore mentioned “deep enders” coming along with Erik I have certainly enjoyed the posts. I can’t say that it made the wait go any faster, but it certainly provided daily reminders. I hope Hank has made a big batch of Hanky Panky’s for Erik. He likes to have Hank make his a “Super Duper Hanky Panky” Obviously the fishing the next day for the rest of us is spent watching Erik curse Hanks’ name.


  3. Guilty as charged, although I think Kalik and conch have something to do with it too

  4. I agree with eric!

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