Happy 4th of July

Big Hole River 2850 cfs

Last year the Big Hole River on July 4th was running at 475 cfs. What a difference a normal winter snow pack makes. The river continues to drop but the high creeks such as La Marche and Fish Trap are running bank full still. Dave Guckenberg who owns the La Marche Creek ranch told me today the creek has actually gone up in the last couple days.

He fished with me today and it was fun as always. Lots of smaller fish with the bright sun but plenty of action on top water with small mayfly patterns. A 17 incher was the best we could do in size.

Where are you Maxman? Your new Sharkskin fly line is waiting for you in the shop. Remember you made the bet and I just called it.
I will say that conditions were very close where you could have won it.

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  1. Maxman says, 2008 was an aberration! Do you ever recall a year when the Big Hole didn’t peak in June? I think you can go back 50 years and not find another example of peak flow in May. The major cool-down the first week killed me.

    Maxman will be by to purchase a very expensive Sharkskin fly line in later July.

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