Green Grass

Big Hole River 1450 cfs and dropping

Most of the snow has melted in my yard and there is green grass under it. This has to mean it will warm up a bit soon but not for a few days yet. It looks like Sunday will be getting back to some normal temps.
The river is looking very fishable with visibility a foot an a half at least which is in my books good enough. I have said this in the past but historically these are the conditions when we have caught some of the biggest fish.

I drove upriver yesterday and the only problem I saw was a big ice jam just below Deep ‘Creek which is about 12 miles west of Wise River.

Tony continues to send some great humurous reports from Andros Island. I already knew about the gas tank deal on the boat from another source but was waiting to see if they owned up to it. I can just see Hank coming out to rescue them and chewing on them hard, which he can do with a vengence…and then holding up the gas tank and asking them if they forgot something? The Bahamians love to laugh and this story will be told and laughed over again and again.
There is another really funny story about an event which happened at the Joulters. My friend Linda is the roving reporter on this one and she is going to get the full story and send it to me in the next day or two. The title will be the Pentacostal Preacher And The Shark.

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  1. tone the bone

    goodmorning from andros island; i was asked not to share the preacher and the shark story so your host could add some more flavor to it than i. big al missed his calling. rather than being the guide supreme on the montana rivers he should be a writer. i always look forward to als reports on his web site. back to whats going on here. i missed some of the stuff on yesterdays report such as the cuda fishing up the creek. when cousin stephen came down his mission was to stick a barracuda. after many…….attemps on the flats we decided to get down and dirty and troll. being the lucky one in this bunch i hit a nice cuda just past the wreck going up the creek. really (i thought) was a nice one and would feed all of us for dinner. after arriving at our flat we fished shark key and for the life of us could not find the fish. although; stephen and i had our cuda rods and got many…..shots at some real nice fish. all we could seem to do was scare the crap out of them and sent them off to a different flat. i’m talking 15 to 20 lb cudas. very nice. oh well. after our day on the flats we gave stephen the cuda rod and trolled cargill cut. he was’nt on the rod for even a minute and hooked up. after a very long fight we finally landed him and sure enough it was over twice as big as mine. that night we put em on the barbi and had a fine cuda dinner. all the leftovers are in the freezer and going back to spokane. we got up yesterday morning full of promise of a good bone fish day. we decided; due to the tide that sommerset would be our best bet. off we went stephen, art and i in the death truck. if you paid more than a dollar for it al you payed to much. just kidding because its been our only transpotation and is most appreciated. got to sommerset and sure enough a cold front with rain and wind came in and we were screwed for the most part of the day. art and i stood out there all day while stephen; being the smarter of the three went back to the truck and ate sandwiches and drank beer. good for you cousin. art stayed way up top while i went back to the ocean. i actually could see a wee bit so opted to move. long hrs of inactivity except for a very curious box fish. upon spotting him i thought o.k here comes my bonefish. i made the perfect cast (which is very unusual for me by the way) and had him coming straight at my fly. for those who have never done this before; a bone fish coming in on the flie is almost a sure sign of a strike. well; he darted for it and i then realized that it was a box fish. never having cought one before i pursued doing so for the next hour. dam fish would’nt leave me alone. at about three the weather broke and the hunt was on. art; like the good fisherman he is stayed on his ambush spot and got over thirty good shots but no fish. i was out in the ocean and got a few shots with one real nice five pounder landed. actually art did catch one bone but a shark got on his fish and cut his leader. now according to art; the bone with a hook in his lip and leader attached came back to him and just hovered around his feet. you be the juge! today stephen left on the 7:30 and art and i have been given permission to take a helocopter ride with the guys from autec. our new friend linda is an absolute sweatheart. the women has done everything in her power to make sure that we are having a good time. thanks linda; we wont forget. i will report back after our trip and let you know how it was. today is actually our last full day and are going back to nassau tommorow via ferry boat. poker game with hanks crew tonight. oh boy! until next time; tone the bone.

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