Da Jotters Mon

Much to report today and first the Joulters trip.
Bob and John just got back from fishing the Joulters with Herman and they are walking and talking like they have just been to utopia. Weather conditions could not have been better with bright sun all day and just a slight breeze. When I talked to Herman this morning before they left he said with these weather conditions and the tide just right they should get into lots of bones and they did.
Bob said he didn’t think there were that many bonefish in the world. By noon these novice fisherman had 12. Going there with those conditions will spoil a person going else where.

Now to report on the fishing with Hank and I today. It was so nice we took the skiff off shore past the reef. Last time we went together he kicked my butt and I admitted it. Just before I came to the office to do this report I asked him if he wanted to make a comment. He said I should just report my conscience—–wrong thing to say. It started out this morning with Hank’s score card reading 10 fish and Al’s zero. As the afternoon came Al started to come on strong with numbers and size. Hank counted a couple that you could put in your gold fish bowl and the gold fish would be bigger. He caught a nice margaret fish and was bragging about it and saying how good they were to eat. I reminded him about the time a couple years ago when Debbie caught a big one and biggest fish of the day and he said it was a trash fish. Of course he denied that and went on about how great they are. A few minutes later my rod tip bent hard and guess what—-it was a margaret fish twice the size of his. With that fish and the yellow tail twice the size of his I declare myself winner of today’s tournament.


  1. I dont know about this report. I have never known Hank to exaggerate. Sorry I can’t get down there this year, so I could show you guys how to deep sea fish.

  2. fishing and weather sounds good. any news of wahoo, dolphin, or tuna? life is good on the islands.

  3. goodmorning buddy; art and i are in front of your computer wishing we were with you and herman. 10 degrees here and blowing. we are going to tie up some saltwater stuff tonight. art will send some down to you. how are the cuda flies holding up? art ordered some glasses and will ship down to you as soon as he gets them. fishing sucks here as you can probably imagine. go catch a fish and tell hank and eva hello and best wishes. if micheal is around tell him hello as well. tony and art

  4. Al you’re always #1. That is, unless Hank is behind the bar serving drinks and then you come in a close second.

  5. its the 15th and no report for 3 days. whats up? maybe you should come back home and art and i will come down for long relief. may have to bench you for awhile. cmon buddy; keep us in the loop. tone the bone.

  6. Hey Al,

    My buddy John Weis turned me on to this blog, great stuff. I’ll be at Hanks later this month, fishing with Herman for three days. Dan Delekta make it there yet? Tell him Hello, looking forward to visiting Andros.


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