Big Hole River 5000 cfs at Maidenrock

The caddis hatch the last few days has been terrific. The weather has been typical for this time of year with some rain, some wind, some sun etc. At 5000 the river is still nearly bank full and lots of the fish are in the willows. It is a bit humurous when floating by and you see this big nose of a brown trout coming up inside the willows where it is impossible to get to. The guys in my boat yesterday were great and had fun just watching these fish feed. We did get several that were in water outside the willows. Caddis patterns were working fine but a little cripple pattern that Mike was using in the other boat was really producing.

As for the bet I tried to email Maxman but it was a no go address.
It could be anyone’s game as there still is a lot of snow in the high country. The weather pattern is cool but with lots of showers in the next few days.
I’m still sticking to my guns and predicting the river will not exceed the 8000 cfs level it did a couple weeks ago.
So Maxman where ever you are I accept that bet that the river will exceed 8000 cfs by June 10th.
If it does you get a free Shark Skin fly line.
If it does not that Shark Skin fly line will cost you $200.
I call.


  1. This website proves amusing once again. Ya mon.

  2. I propose an amendment to my previous wager, to say that the Big Hole River flow will exceed 8,000 cfs at some point during the month of June.

    The current weather forecast is not conducive to rapid snow melt in the next 7 days, but I like the odds of a major flushing event at some point in June.

    Do you accept the amendment?

    BTW, I had the wrong email address in the last post.

  3. I don’t think I’d take that bet if I was MAXMAN.

  4. So the bet is a great idea. I’m willing to put a side wager that you will win. If Maxman ever answers, perhaps he will want to up the ante!!

  5. Missoula Guide

    I read your report often and I thank you for it. I rarely make it over that way to fish and when I do, it’s always for fun with a friend or two. I have to disagree. I think that we’re going to get a shot of heat that pushes the Big Hole higher than it’s been yet this year. I do not feel like this will happen by June 10th but it will happen. There is a lot of snow in those hills and it’s not going to melt much with this cold weather. I say it will get higher than it’s been by June 24th.

  6. Maxman I accept your amendment and there is a good chance you may win in the next couple days. If you do not in the next couple days perhaps we can up the ante.

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