Bit Breezy

Big Hole 307 cfs Maidenrock
Beaverhead 357 cfs Barrets

The last three days have been just a bit windy. Yesterday I thought Gustov was here on the Big Hole.
It was still windy this morning and it blew the tricos off but the top water action was good any way.
Size 16 mayfly patterns worked well with a few fish still taking spruce moth patterns.
There are lots of hoppers along the banks but we didn’t try them as the action was good with what we were using and Pat was happy with that. Like the old saying, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Roger has been fishing the last couple evenings right up til dark. He said he was getting a hit almost every cast using the super beetle. He said the fish were getting so big he was getting a bit nervous about wading any more in the dark.


  1. john bradford

    what size beetle? how big of a fish does it take to make Roger nervous?

  2. same question how big is beetle

  3. A couple of Browns in the 18-22 inch range. It was so dark, I’d make the cast, couldn’t see the fly, set the hook on the splash. Great fishing with a size 12 Super Beetle.

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