Wind and Clouds

We finally arrived in Andros after endless hours sitting in airports. Actually it wasn’t really that bad but it seemed like it took forever. After flying on four different airlines we were surprised that our baggage made it but it did.

The fishing so far has been nothinng to brag about. A cold front came through and it’s got the fish all screwed up. Wind has been blowing out of the north west which is the worst conditions to have. On many flats where there is normally lots of fish we have found only a few. Today we went to the far back country and finally got into some schools of bones. There were a couple spots where the feed marks ( I call them bonefish tracks) were unbelievable. This is an area where Eric had scouted a week ago and told me about. Back in this area there are so many places to go it’s hard to make up one’s mind.

It’s Sunday night and the resturant here is closed. Art is harping on me to go to Chick Charnies as he wants to eat now.

It’s good to be back on Andros Island and more later


  1. Al, all those bays to the SW, W, and Northwest of **** your pants flat are worth exploring further. Next year I’m going to make it a point to explore that area more since I don’t think that area sees nearly the amount of pressure as the flats up in the front of the creek. Did you find the fish to be more eager takers back there like we did?

    I guess the complaints on the weather are all relative. The day after I got back it was 72 here in Erie, three days later we have a foot of snow and we’re back into the high 20’s. What I’d do to wear flip flops and wading boots again.

    Tell Hank & the gang we said Hello and ask Hank if anyone else has parked in his spot since we left. Enjoy……

  2. greetings from spokane; weather here is pretty nice, mid 50s and sunshine. going over to the big this weekend with a vest full of buggers. BIG FISH TIME! YAHOO. glad you posted a report. keep um comin. glad you guys made it safe and sound. we’re only days from joining you but it seems a long way off. tell hank and eva that we’re really lookin forward to it. dont get em to spooky and good fishin.

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