Tough Week

Big Hole 155 cfs
Beaverhead 289 cfs

The flows on the river are finally starting to improve after getting down to a paultry 120 cfs. Who knows we might even get to do some fishing in September. Roger has been hitting the Wise River fairly often and has had some great results. His biggest is a 16 inch brown and that’s a big fish for that little stream. Hope the fish bureaucrats don’t find out about it they’ll want to kill it. He has been getting lots of bows in the 12 to 14 inch class and all on dry fly’s.

I took Allie (my newfy) on an emergency trip to the Vet on Monday last which was Labor Day. After some initial tests they put her on a IV along with some antibiotics. She had developed a serious heart murmer and had bacterial toxins in her blood. Yesterday after she had been basically in their ICU for 5 days and after consulting with the Doc. it was painfully evident she would not pull through and I gave the go ahead to put her down. It was one of the toughest things I have had to do for quite some time. The evening walk along the river yesterday was just not the same without her.


  1. Al, I am sorry to here about Allie. I hope everything else is ok with you. I thought about you today when I went and saw the Blue Angles performe. Hope to see you sometime soon. AP

  2. Al, sorry to hear about your dog. That’s a tough one to take. Hopefully the river will open soon so we can get back out and fish with you later this month.


  3. Al,
    So sorry to hear of the loss of a true friend.
    Hang in there.
    The sun is at the top of the hill.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about losing Allie. It always is very hard to lose such a kind hearted old friend.

  5. Al, I also am so sad to hear about Allie. She was so full of life and just a big affectionate bear. I know that she will be missed!

  6. Really sorry about Allie. I feel bad now for telling her not to slobber on me so much. That dog couldve drown a rat with just one lick!
    I know you miss her.

  7. Al, I’m sorry for your loss! I do know how you must feel! I had to do the same for my partner a couple of years ago. It takes time to get over the shock of not having your buddy with you. It was one of the hardest things for me to deal with as well! Time heals my friend! Please Take care partner! Dave

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