Time To Reflect

Life is good, life is short so it’s very important to fish as often as possible. How many times have we heard or read that statement. Tonight however as I sit here looking out the window at the moon lit river it rings more true than ever.
Yesterday my good friend Tom Pierce lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. Tom was a stout, robust hunter and fisherman who loved the outdoors and life itself.
Two years ago he was given 6 months to live but he stretched it out another 18 months and during that time continued to live life to the utmost of his ability.
I’ll just bet that on his next journey he will be finding the river of all rivers with abundant trout and all the hot spots just waiting for us.


  1. john bradford

    -So sorry to hear about your friend’s death. Your last paragraph about his next journey reminds me of an autograph from
    Charlie Brooks in one of his books that went “May the winds of chance blow you to the stream of your choice at the time of your choosing.”

    a friends’ death is a reminder of our short and precious time here.

  2. Allen Chatriand

    Very kind words about Tom Piercy. He was a close friend of my family and will be sadly missed by all. As I sat with his family going through photo albums on Saturday it re-affirmed your comments- Tom did live life to the fullest and should be an inspiration to everyone.

  3. Thanks Allen, he touched us all.

  4. Al:

    Sorry to hear about your good friend. Our condolences to you and his family. We lost my father in law seven years ago to the same cancer. We miss him dearly and not a day goes by we don’t think about him. I hope your fishing partner does find that river of all rivers!

    Keep up the great job and the great reports! When I can’t be thier atleast I can read about it.

    Steve Worley

  5. Like Tom, I’m extending the Doc’s forcast. Pass along to Debbie Kearns at the the Hitching Post the following information:

    Unitersity of Utah Transplant Clinic/Kidney and Pancratic Coordinator
    Tracey May– 801.585.3202 DID General Number 801.581.2121.

    This should be of help to her Rodeo Cowboy Son.

    Thanks Al, I’ll try to e-mail Debbie direct.
    Off to Arizona next week. Later, R.

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