Tiger Fish Facts

Big Hole River 1950 cfs

First of all I would like to thank Tony Wheeler from West Virginia for commenting on the Tiger Trout and giving us the facts regarding this cross bred species. Read the comment from him on the last entry (Tiger Fish)? Apparantely catching a wild one is quite rare.

The river has been dropping and the fishing for the most part has been very good. There have been slow spots if you stay on top water but not many. Pmx, mayfly, and caddis patterns have all been working. There were a lot of boats on the river yesterday (Saturday) but mid week there are no crowds at all.

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  1. David Thompson

    Just wanted to say thanks for posting all of these reports. They were instrumental in planning a great day on Friday. The fishing was tough at times, but we boated a 19″ brown on an adult salmonfly, even though the hatch was well over of course, and got some other nice fish on caddis and nymphs. I also almost stepped on a 3′ rattler at the big pool below Moose Cr Bridge. I thought it was a bull snake until it rattled at me. Keep an eye out for those, as it was in high grass and my wading sandals would have lost that battle! Thanks again for a great website guys.

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