Slow Down

The hot fishing of the past week came to a halt today as the 80 degree temps. of the past few days have brought the river up to 3150 cfs. It was cool and windy most of the day and the reports I got were not real good. Top water action was limited to small fish and streamer action was slow also which surprised me. How ever when it jumps up 500cfs in one day it tends to put the fish off a bit.
With the much cooler weather today and the same predicted for most of the week I look for the river to level off and start dropping by tomorrow. There are still several caddis around (just shake a willow along the river bank and see what comes out of it) so I think we will have more of that action this week. I doubt it will be as hot and heavy as last week but you never know. That was the ultimate in dry fly fishing and you didn’t even have to be very good. Just get the fly on the water with a half way decent drift and you would get a hit.

One guy said he saw a salmon fly yesterday????? I saw that same butterfly several times going down the river.


  1. are you inferring that i might be lacking in fishing skills? and that it was just luck that i caught all those fish? got a call from gene and jeanie and they are coming along with hank and eva in july. fun, fun.

  2. wise river dreamer

    Wow….scary stuff. I witnessed the aaccident last year up the road at the construction site. Poor girl in the pilot car was crushed by a monster loader. Anybodt know if they pressed charges or anything? Just looked like an awful mistake…
    Regardless, I love the reports adn am counting the days until the brookies are pulling on my hopper patterns and the browns are hitting the pumpkin steamers….keep up the good reports.

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