Salt Water Gear

I usually don’t try to promote or push certain gear as such in order to keep this site on an even keel without too much commercalism involved. Also the fact that I’am a Scott Rod dealer has nothing to do with it—–well maybe just a little bit.

There are numerous salt water rods on the market, some are good, some are junk but still cost like good. Scott has come up with their new X2S salt water rod and this is a dandy. It blows the doors off their old S3S as it loads easier and has the power of the old STS. That rod combined with Rio’s newer “Coral” salt water line is in my opinion a perfect match. This new line unlike their older bonefish taper line which retained memory worse than a roll of old rusty barb wire retains very little memory. At first I was not real impressed with the color which they call Coral (looked awful pink to me) but after being in the sun for awhile it turns to a more ivory color which I thought matched the flats much better. With all the salt water lines I have tried this one is the best.

Last summer an old client of mine from North Carolina called me and asked what salt water setup I thought would be the best for fishing for redfish in his area. I told him that X2S 8wt with the Rio Coral line and you can’t go wrong. Now this guy is a hard sell and is a skeptic and very critical. But he has known me for a long time and knows I don’t bull shit about such important matters as ones fly fishing gear. He already had a salt water rig that he brought to Andros last year. He asked if I would try it and give my opinion. I tried it and handed it back to him without saying a word—he knew.
With his new setup he says his performance while casting to reds and stripers has improved 100 per cent.
We’ll see what Herman thinks when he goes out with him in January.


  1. I have never tried the Loomis Cross Current but I do know it was a Loomis that Bob had and after 3 of us tried both rods, there was no comparison. The X2S was by far the better rod. I did not see what model Loomis it was, maybe it was their starter. I see they talk a lot about casting 100 to 110 feet. I can’t cast that far, Art can’t cast that far, Roger can’t cast that far but we seem to catch our share or more of fish. The biggest bonefish I ever caught, 30 incher was with me crouching down as far as I could and presenting a roll cast no more than 20 feet.
    I wonder what rods George A. sells in his shop??????

  2. hey al; read the entire shootout results. i guess for the top fisherman in the country the info presented is very good but for us guys that can’t cast 113 ft but love to catch lots of fish its not much help. mid-point deflection and such things dont mean much to a guy like me. what is it anyway and who gives a rip. give me a rod that is lightweight can punch into those 30`mph winds that we get in andros with good accuacy then lets rock. i bet we could pick up any of the tested rods and catch as many bones as we want. does george carry scott rods? anway; with that being said i’ll send you the cuda flies monday. give me a call

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