River Flows

Big Hole River 165 cfs
Beaverhead 385 cfs

I have had calls and mail asking if there was a chance the river would be open by Labor Day weekend. If they stand by that 200 cfs for 10 day deal there is no chance. There are a lot of questions concerning if they were a bit premature in closing the river. The trigger for closing is 140 cfs for 3 days. It did drop to 140 but for only half a day. It has since been over 160 cfs with water temps in the high 50’s. At the time of the closing I did not disagree with it but now I think they should reopen it. With this cold water there is absolutely no stress on the fish. I also think that 200 cfs for 10 day deal is total bull shit. Reopen it when conditions warrant and not by some stat sheet the bureacrats and BHWC mandate. When there is no stress on the fish why should there be on these people.
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  1. Allen Schallenberger


    Have you seen the new fishing regs FWP is proposing for the next four years on their website? They want to get rid of larger browns and rainbows on the Big Hole to make more room for grayling. Also they are proposing bait fishing and no slot limits from Divide to Melrose.

    It would make more sense to me, to improve water flows and temperatures with better watershed, forest, range, irrigation and beaver management.

    The lowest flows only averaged 142. FWP does not like the word illegal closure. They broke the rules so if they are not illegal are they outlaws?

  2. All I can say is to pary for rain.
    For the rivers, forests, and farmers.
    Ranchers are on their own.

  3. that’d be “pray”

  4. Well, I’d never criticize FWP or the BHWC for being too cautious and closing the river 1-2 cfs too early. I’d criticize them like hell for not being cautious enough! The river is closed and given the flows and spill-over angler pressure from other closed rivers, its a good thing that its closed.

    At times like this, we need to set aside our own selfish interests and take a few days off for the good of river and the fish!

    Keep in mind that when anglers and outfitters are off the river, we have the moral high-ground on which to criticize the ranching community which is not stepping up to the plate at the same level as everyone else. There are definately ag. participants but there are also non-participatory ranchers that need to be publicly identified.

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