Great News

Big Hole River 580 cfs

I just received word from Mike Bias of the Big Hole River Foundation that the proposed regulation changes from MFWP have been dropped. These were the regs pertaining to opening the Dickie Bridge to Divide and Divide to Melrose sections on the Big Hole River to bait fishing. In response to all the public comment they opted to drop that idea.
I would like to thank all of you that sent your email comments to the Fish & Game because it worked. It was looking pretty gloomy for awhile but all those comments sent in made them set up and take notice.

I just received a fishing report from Hank and Herman on Andros Island which I will pass along soon. They have been having lots of rain but the fishing has been awesome.


  1. Great news

  2. It happened because of all your input

  3. Where’s the Andros report? You going to keep me waiting longer than a day?

    Al are you heading down there anytime soon or does this new girlfriend of yours mean we can’t live this winter vicariously through you like we did last year ? Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. Mike’s report might be premature. The 2008-2011 fishing regulations are on the agenda for the October 25 meeting of the FWP commission–which is another two days away.

  5. Allen Schallenberger

    Unless the bait fishers charter a bus and attend the commission meeting at the trout haven of Havre, the issue is probably dead. If Hagener’s home town of Havre applies pressure to keep the proposed bait fishing, an East Rocky Mountain Front wind might blow him out of office.

    We should all be alert because Bruce Rich, Fish Manager in Bozeman said at the Butte meeting he was going to get rid of the artificial regs this year on the Big Hole and then next year on the Madison. He wanted to make everything simple and mark his territory which is Region 3. This is not the first time he has screwed up since replacing Dick Vincent.

    Allen Schallenberger

  6. Allen, That ii the same line we keep hearing from the Utah DWR aquatics people: we want to make the regs simple. It seems daft. You can devise the most arcane and complicated reg on killing an elk, but when it comes to fiihing regulations, people’s brains seem to quit working. I can’t figure it out: it is NOT that hard to follow special regulations, especially on waters you fish with some regularity.

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