Getting Better

Yesterday the wind was still blowing at mach 2 but at least the sun was out all day. It was way too rough to go out to any of the ocean flats so most of the guides were up Fresh Creek. The fish wouldn’t even look at a Gotcha pattern but a mantis shrimp got their attention.

I would love to go to Yound Sound today but it’s still too windy and rough for that 8 mile boat ride out in the ocean. The conch are easy to find out there and Gogie said he would make a big conch salad for all of us this evening if we had the conch. There are other places I know of and I’m sure we can find a few.

Herman is heading to the Joulters for a couple days with clients and should catch lots of bones up there.

It’s early in the morning and I just saw a guy walking past Hank’s here with a fishing rod over his shoulder and a fish hanging hanging off of it and still flopping. Talk about having fresh fish for breakfast. It was one of those photo op moments with no camera.


  1. what is going on there? i understand the weather is not great. so what are you doing for fun. please tell everyone we miss them. if you can’t fish, maybe you should go to the blue hole and have a picnic. it is a lot of fun.

  2. hey guys; sounds like the weather sucks down your way. it was great on the big hole yesterday. sun and almost warm. the bugger fishin was great. visibility was a little off but good enough to get the fish to chase a bugger. we tried numurous buggers but only black with some red flahabou in the tail worked. and it worked well. lots of fish all in the 16 to 2o range. had to strip hard for the dead drift didnt work. glad i had a half dozen of the right fly. anyway; alls well on the big. cold nights a cool days. suppose to get snow wed. talk to you later and will see you the 15th. tony

  3. p.s. we floated from divide to melrose. about 6 hrs.

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