Day Off

Took a day off from fishing today as I was invited to dinner at Gene and Jeannie’s who live and work at the base. I must say she put on one hell of a feed.

Yesterday I hooked a big snapper blind casting a clouser minnow in a big blue hole north of Beef Cay. I don’t know if it was a mutton, gray or a cubera. I do know it was more than my 9 wt. could handle. In light of this Gogie is going with me back there in the morning and he will be equipped with his hand line with 90 lb. test line on it. When Gogie hooks into a fish it gets in the boat. A mixture of baits will be used including shad, pilchers and —-chicken fat?

I’am receiving my e-mail here. So if any one needs to contact me about a trip on the Big Hole in Montana or here on the island with Hank and Herman please contact me.


  1. Thru one of my friends I was given your site do to an interest in Andros Island. I used to do all my bookings thru Fishing International, but my guy has left the company. What I am after is current information on the area where to stay general cost etc. What’s the program ??? Thanks……… Dick

  2. Dick,
    Hank has a package deal which includes lodging, meals and boat for $895 per personper week based on double occupancy. From that you can and I suggest you do, hire Herman Bain as your guide for at least a couple days. Herman’s rates for the Joulters and West Side are $600 and $450 nearer waters. (gas here is 6 bucks a gallon)

  3. Tell me how to get in touch with Herman. Sounds like reasonable pricing……….Thanks Dick

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