Conch Stew

Big Hole River at Melrose 340 cfs
Big Hole River near Glen 400 cfs
Beaverhead River 898 cfs

The morning to mid day dry fly fishing on the Big Hole remains excellent. There are no restrictions on the river yet but by mid to late afternoon on these hot days it’s just a good idea to leave them alone. The Big Hole has a large healthy population of trout so let’s keep it that way.

Hank and Eve from Andros Island have been enjoying their stay here in Montana. I took them on some mountain roads and Hank was not real impressed. As a matter of fact he stated that if we had to go back the same way that he would walk back or just stay where he was on flat ground.
They brought along about 40 frozen conch from the Island and this morning Hank is cooking up a big pot of conch stew for breakfast. Your all invited but you better hurry.

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  1. Hi Al! Conch stew sounds wonderful! Save some for us …we are on the way!

    Thanks so much to you guys for sending over my missing item. Really appreciate it! Yet another example of your great attitude and service! We hope to be back very soon!! — Lynn

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