Conch Gone

I had about four pounds of frozen conch in a freezer bag and triple wrapped in that luggage which was delayed for five days. Need less to say it is no longer edible. It hadn’t leaked out of the freezer bag yet but given a few more days the dogs would have gone crazy sniffing that item. I called Hank and told him about and he couldn’t wait to start chewing me out again. I have been going there so long that now he gets a kick out of getting on my case about one thing or another. Like the time in December when he was going to Nassau for a couple days and he gave me the keys to the resturant so I could get in to get ice, sodas and such for the day’s fishing trip. We had a pre designated place where I was to leave the keys so he could get in when he returned mid day. It was the day my brothers and sister were leaving and Clay and Jane were arriving. With all the confusion and getting in a hurry to get Clay and Jane out fishing I completely forgot about the keys and left them locked in my room. When he got back from Nassau he couldn’t even get in his own resturant. I was told that he sat on the dock staring out to sea for at least an hour waiting for me to return with the boat. I didn’t even have the boat tied up to the dock before he came screaming that he was going to kill me. To this point Clay and Jane and never met him yet and you could tell they were thinking, “who is this guy”?. After Hank chewed on my behind until there was not much left I introduced him to his new guests. He greeted them in his same old likable way and I heard him say ” I kind of enjoyed that”. The very next day he had a chance to do some more chewing when I forgot to lock the shed where he keeps all the gas for the boats. At five dollars a gallon gas is like gold in the Bahamas. After that I double and triple checked all locks and where the keys were supposed to be left. For the next three weeks he waited in the wings to do some more chewing but I had learned my lesson and didn’t give him a chance. I got my pay back when he and Eva went to the states and he was supposed to leave me a certain key and forgot to. The first time he called I jumped all over his case. Just more fun on Andros.


  1. Sean Reynolds

    Hey atleast you got your reels and your flies back. Your mouth will have to water a bit longer for some fresh conk. Glad you’re home safe! I’ll be over in the Valley in a month for my b-day. Gotta 4 day week end so i’m going to take advantage of it! Love to see some new pics!

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