Christmas In Andros

It looks like I won’t be spending a white Christmas this year again in Montana. I wasn’t gonna go there until after the holidays but I got to checking flights and found a very reasonable one in mid December so I jumped on it.
I recall last Christmas on Andros and it was a very enjoyable time. On Christmas Eve Hank, Eva and I went to the local police station for their holiday party. Of course it helps when Hank’s brother is the chief of police of the entire island. But this party was open to all and it consisted of all the rum you could drink and all the bbq chicken and wild pig you could eat. I’m sure it will be the same this year.

The white sand at Somerset Beach and on the flats will have to substitute for the white snow in Montana.


  1. Good for you Al. Greg and I were just talking on the phone tonight and lamenting over the fact we still have til March 10 to wait for our trip. But now we can live vicariously through you between now and then.

    I was in Orlando the past week with the family at Disney and the son and I managed a day out for Redfish near Cape Canaveral. It was good to get out and fun, and in alot of respects like bonefishing but the bottom line…….it just wasn’t Andros.

  2. aloha, glad you are able to get to andros early. we are on molokai, and about to go to the beach. speedo is learning to boogie board. haven’t hooked up with the best fishing yet, but if there is fishing to be had we will find it. i miss about time and andros. so we’ll see how this goes. happy thanksgiving

  3. Eric, Lulu and Speedo.
    It turned winter here big time today with lots of snow and colder. Yesterday I almost felt guilty about going early but today that guilt is totally gone.

  4. Guilt? I was beginning to think you were nuts for taking this long to book your flight in the first place. Just make sure you leave enough Hanky Panky mix for the spring and don’t put any dings in the prop before we get there.

    Right Greg?

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