Bright Day

Big Hole River 1050 cfs
Teno. 45 in a.m.–55 in p.m.

Yesterday was a beautiful blue bird day with warm temps. but a bit breezy. It was a perfect day to float the river if you just wanted to pleasure float cuz the fishing was the pits. It was one of those days where I went through almost every fly in my arsenal and nothing worked very well. We had a little luck with streamers, a little with nymphs and a little with dry flies. It wasn’t because the river was rising as it is staying fairly level. Bright sun and wind and the fish were off. I talked to several other anglers and their story was the same. Actually we did pretty well considering we got about 12 fish but none were over 14 inches. Today is supposed to be similar but the weather pattern will be changing Monday with some showers and cooler temps. on the way. The old saying that you can’t have a beautiful day and good fishing too is very true.

There is some alarming news from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service regarding the Big Hole River grayling. It seems that the politicians have decided that the fluvial grayling is no longer a distinct population worthy of of any federal protction. In short the bureaucrats have decided to just let these fish perish despite the recommendations of its own scientists.

I will do more follow up on this and get names and addresses of people to contact regarding this critical situation.

Montana Tech Professor, Pay Munday wrote a great article on page 2 of today’s Montana Standard on this issue.


  1. I don’t know if you saw it or not, but the Montana Standard is running an online poll this week asking if you agree with the USFWS decision to throw the grayling off the candidate list for listing under the endangered act. You might want to ask your website visitors to log on and vote. The address is :

    You need to scroll way down the home page and its on the left hand side.

  2. Thank you, Big Al, for the pat on (Pat’s) back. At this point, we will need to appeal of the US FWS decision. That will probably come from the Center for Biological Diversity. A lot of folks — Big Hole ranchers included — think these guys at CBC are just extreme enviro whackos, BUT they are the only ones who have consistently been a voice for grayling.

    Speaking of ranchers, the chair of the Watershed Committee said (quoted in Butte’s Montana Standard newspaper something like, “We’re glad grayling didn’t get listed. This gives us lots of time to figure out how to save them.”

    Well, the Big Hole Watershec Committee has been saying this for more than a decade. In the meantime, grayling have gone down, down, down. They cannot wait any longer.

    It seems that the whole Watershed Committee effort has been smoke and mirrors to delay listing the fish. Meanwhile, they go extinct and then the ranchers don’t have to worry about them. Nice plan, eh?

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