Attractive and Agressive

Big Hole River 2400 cfs, temp. 57

I had two very attractive gals in my boat today and what was even more attractive is the fact that they could fish. The only problem they had was they had never thrown streamers. They had been told by boy friends, husbands, or what ever that were not able to handle that type of fishing.
It was bright this morning so we started with big stone fly nymphs. Wendy hooked up on her very first cast. I tied on some new nymph patterns below the stone just to try them out. One that I call the lemon drop worked really well but I had only two and they were soon gone.
Just after lunch the clouds moved in and I told the girls it’s time for the streamers. They both seemed anxious to learn and I was happy to teach them. In no time at all they were both chucking them into pockets, on the seams and under cut banks. It took awhile until they got their first hookup but when they did “they” were hooked. A brief heavy rain shower came through and we waited it out. From there to the end it was streamer fishing at it’s finest. Their were several doubles and constant screams of joy. As for the patterns we were using I don’t think it really mattered as long as they were presented right and in the right place, the fish were on em.
It was a great day with these gals and I must say the gratuity wasn’t bad either.

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  1. hello all; just a short report on the 2 days spent on crab creek in the state of wa. crab creek i believe; is the longest running spring creek in the nation. very small but large fish. we fish sun and monday. weather was very warm sat and the fishing was just o.k. lots of 6-16in rainbows but no real quality, mostly ate 16 prince or pheasant tails off a dry on top. sunday was really……wet. rained a blew hard until about 10. it then opened up and the fishing was great. many fish and 1 over 22in. quit at about 2 and headed home. this stream is awsome in aug. hopper heaven. al; see you in a few days. tone the bone.

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