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Yesterday we got into the bone fish at Youngs Sound and I hooked and lost one of the biggest ones I have ever had. The problem is the nail knot will not hold on that mono-core fly line. The same thing happened on a big cuda the other day where it stripped the butt section right off the line. This bone was in the double digits and it made me sick when it broke off. I really like that Rio Bonefish Taper line but I’m gonna have a little talk with them later. The high light for Jim on Youngs Sound was that we found several big conch so fresh conch salad was had by all on our return. The ride over there was fine but the wind picked up during the day and the trip back was a bit rough. We had three to four foot seas and it took almost an hour to get back. We took a couple waves over the bow and the bilge pump was working over time. That Carolina skiff is just not made for rough water.

Today was great, the weather was lousy and we were dodging storms all day but we got into bone fish any way and cuda fishing was excellent. We caught several big ones and kept one for dinner for us and Gogie and his family. Sandy got a great picture of a water spout about a mile away. All these storms today seemed to come in on the same tract and we were able to avoid them. I was getting a bit nervous after seeing that water spout and kept a close eye on these squalls to make sure we had an escape route. When they started to get too close I headed back to the dock.

Needle fish patterns are the hot ticket for the barracuda and I thought I had plenty but they are only good for one fish as they are completely tore up after they get ahold of them. Fortunately Art sent me another batch which arrived today. On the shallow flats up Fresh Creek a #6 blind gotcha seems to be the best. Many of these flats are laced with coral and there is nothing worse than have a big bone charging your fly only to have it hang up on the bottom which has happened to me several times.


  1. how come you using a nail knot?? i whip in a loop at the end of my fly line to let me change leaders pronto. haven’t had a bone or cuda break that yet.

    sounds like you are having fun. i’ll be there with herman ( your rec) in March.

  2. We are on our way…thought you might mention us on the blog…we had a good time in Nassau tonight…hooked a couple of good bone fish in the disguise of MoJoitos….CU Soon
    Wayne, Dan,Ray…and the wonderful women in thier life

  3. http://www.fisherie.com/nwpatu/January%202006.html
    Al, scroll down on this link for the “Krazy Glue Splice”. If you are lucky enough to find some krazy glue in town there I’d recommend you try this……I use it for all my trout connections and have been using it in the salt the last couple years and have yet to have one fail me. If it is going to fail, it will fail when you first test it then you just do it over again. It makes for a very smooth connection between line and leader which as you know is important for those close in takers so your connection doesn’t get caught up in the guides/rod tip. Try it if you can I swear by it. I’ll bet you end up using it on all your lines in the future……..

    Every day I check for your latest updates. Wish I was there, unfortunately 3 more months til I will be. Tell Jim and Sandy I said hello (Erik from Erie–last March)

    Keep the updates coming, it’s getting me through the snow and cold~

  4. Oops, now that I read that again you’re using a mono core fly line so this connection won’t work with that. Has to be the traditional braided core as the premise is the core acts as chinese fingers around the butt section of mono you are splicing in and then the glue holds it all in place.

  5. sounds like my cuda ties were hot. i’ll get some more tied this weekand send them down if you need them. sounds like you are having a ball 5 more months for me but i know it will come faster than i thought. keep up with the great reports it really helps after a day in the deep freeze

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What A Day

Big Hole River 410 cfs
Beaverhead River 924 cfs—-you might get a headache going under that bridge

The dry fly fishing this morning was absolutely incredible. There are times when you go down the river and you wonder if there are any fish in it at all. This morning it was like, where did they all come from. Big ones, small ones, browns, rainbows and even a couple of the highly sought after whitefish. The bigger browns were in skinny water and there were a lot of them. Every thing was caught on top water with patterns that included elk hair caddis, blond wulf, stimulators and a couple others. There wasn’t mush changing patterns as we didn’t have to. At times we would try a different pattern just to see if they hit it also. We caught enough fish by noon to last for a week–cathcing not keeping I might add.

The New Blue Moon next door is nearing completion. When finished that place will be the jewel of the valley. Larry and Ann Bugni have gone all out on it. Along with the bar there will be a full resturant. The back bar came out of the old Rocky Mountain Bar in Meaderville which was at one time part of Butte. Meaderville has long since been swallowed up by the Berkley Pit. They look to have it open in about two weeks.

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  1. Al,
    That’s fantastic news about the Blue Moon. Since you don’t have a digital camera, you should have someone take a few photos of it when it’s complete and I can post them on BHT.

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