Still No Caddis

Big Hole River 1980 cfs, temp. 55.4, visibility 3 feet

There have been some March Brown’s and Grey Drakes here and there but sitll no caddis. I checked down as far as Brown’s Bridge today. With that water temp. coming up as it is, they can’t be far off.

A couple local guides from the area went out today and didn’t do much on top so they switched to that bunny leech pattern and nailed a couple big ones.

I thought gas prices were high here in Montana until I talked to one of my clients from Orange County, Ca. and he said they are paying $3.60 per gallon. It actually dropped a couple cents here last week and is now at $2.62. From what I have read the price per gallon may have peaked and may even slowly come down this summer. I certainly hope so as it is hurting all of us. People laugh at my little shuttle car because it’s all beat up but I don’t care because it runs great and gets excellent gas mileage.

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  1. Doing some floating tomorrow. Any thoughts on where a good 4-5 hour float might be. I am hopin for some caddis but am always up for a bugger of a time

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