River Rising

Big Hole River 196 cfs

The flow rate of 196 was taken at 1:15 this afternoon and by this evening it should be at or over 200 which is the magic number to get it reopened. It will have to stay at 200 or above for 7 days to get her open. With the extended forecast it looks good barring any unforseen problems.

I took a drive over to the Jefferson River yesterday and it looks good and has a present flow rate of 450 cfs. I talked to a couple spin fisherman there and they said they caught two rainbows which measured 21 and 23 inches. The river is fairly clear for the Jeff and no moss.

Things are looking good.

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  1. Big Al,
    To hell with those greedy water robbing ranchers, we don’t need ’em. How much money do they spend in your fly shop? How many guides do they hire? I just recently mailed an editorial to the MT Standard and the Dillon Tribune extolling my distaste for their greedy ways. Guess I won’t be hunting any private ground on the Big Hole this year. Good work on the dams. Where can I see the pics? Fished the Beav yesterday with clients, unreal! It was mixed sleet and heavy rain when we got there, but by the time we got the boat in the water it was just a sprinkle. Soon that cleared off and the weather was perfect for fishin’. The fishing was great. Floated dam-henn and fished streamers all day. Probably boated about 50 with two male browns in the 5-6# range. The first was about 23″ with SHOULDERS and the next was about 24 1/2″ but not quite as fat. I had two experienced, anglers who both listened and followed directions well. They claimed they had never fished streamers on the strip, but I think they lie! We fished streamers all day, never did anything else. I saw several fish rising in the slick and a few flashes for nymphs underneath, but didn’t try ’em. Lots of traffic on the river for Sept., but I think that has a little to do with greedy irrigators closing the Big Hole. With all the traffic I only saw one other bent rod all day. Everyone else was bobbered up nymphing. Let me know where to look for the dam pics.

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