The other day I was chuckling to myself and thinking about Buggerman and the rest of the people living in the North East when ole man winter hit them with a vengence. I was also thinking I’m sure glad I don’t live there. I won’t do that any more.

As we speak the temperature is starting to plummet as our friends in British Columbia are sending down this massive storm and cold front. In the next few days it is predicted to get down to minus thirty with snow and strong north east winds. The worst part about it is that my woodpile is shrinking fast. I made a scouting run yesterday with my snowmobile to look for some more dead standing trees. I found quite a few but there are in deep snow and the only way to retrieve them is to drag em out with the sled. This is not going to be a lot of fun, cutting down trees and dragging them out in sub zero temps.
So I guess this is my payback for chuckling about those poor souls enduring that storm back east. I promise not to do it again.

The river was open by my house but even now it’s flowing a lot of slush ice. With the temp. dropping that much in the next couple days I expect it will be froze over again. Who knows though, by next week it might be completely thawed out and ready to float and fish.

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  1. Well, we may have gotten pounded on Sunday, but the last three days it has been in the 50s and it has all melted. We’re having a great winter out this way – although it makes for bad logging conditions in the woods. Easy on the fuel bill though.

    Supposed to get below zero later in the weekend. Looks like you’re sending it our way, Al.


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