Nice Day

Big Hole River 833 cfs
Jefferson River 976 cfs

It was a very pleasant day with lots of fish and a gentle cooling breeze which kept the mosquitos away. Dry fly action was good until mid afternoon when it slowed up a bit which was expected. Dropping a nymph off the dry fixed that problem and by doing that you will always pick up some poor lowly whiteys but also lots of trout in between. May fly’s and goofy bugs worked the best with the goofy ones taking honors.

The Montana Standard (substandard) had a head line in sunday’s paper about that house being built just above Dickie Bridge. There were some outlandish rumors going around they were putting in a subdivision and even some rumors they were going to strip mine the area. They are simply building one log home with a small pond nearby. Personally I think that paper is hurtin for news. I suppose they will have a big head line again this year when they close that upper stretch from Wisdom to the mouth of the north fork which they do every year. All you see on the front page is BIG HOLE CLOSURE and many folks take it to mean the entire river is closed. This is a 19 mile stretch which is rarely fished anyway and the remaning 120 miles is still open. I have called the reporter doing the story and he has passed the buck saying he doesn’t make up the head line and I call the editor and he passes the buck to the staff. All I ask is to report the facts or don’t report at all. They don’t realize how this affects local business. I’ll get off my soap box now.

Forecast for the next couple days is quite warm and partly cloudy.

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  1. Wow! Mad at the paper because it tells the story? Instead of being angry with the news, why not direct that anger at the source of your problem? Its the irigators in the Jackson-Wisdom area that prematurely close the river, year-in, year-out. Been up there lately? You will see flooded meadows as far as the eye can see. You’d swear you were in rice paddy! Meanwhile the flow at Wisdom is a miserable 29cfs.

    Instead of being pissed at the paper for simply relaying the news, why not direct some of that energy at the irrigators that are putting you in a bind? They don’t seem to feel bad about doing it to you, why not try to get them to change their practices? Maybe their fields only need to be 3 inches under water, instead of 6 inches underwater. That way, we might actually be able to avoid a fishing closure for one year.

    Its about time the outfitting community stand up for the river!

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