Grim Outlook

Big Hole 157 cfs
Beaverhead 570 cfs

The flow on the Big Hole today dropped to 157 cfs and the forecast for any measurable amount of rain is dim. When the flow drops to 150 they will close it to fishing. When this happens it will remain closed until it goes back up to 200 cfs for ten days to reopen. These figures were established by the Big Hole Water Shed Committee. I can assure you that if it does close and the flow goes back up to 200 cfs I will fight to have it opened pronto. Just because these figures were set by the committee doesn’t mean they were engraved in stone. The water temp. is no problem and if I thought there would be stress on the fish I would definitely not push the issue.

I tried to pull up the water flow this evening on the USGS site and there is no data available. Maybe that’s a good thing.

I went down to the mouth of the Maidenrock Canyon to take some pics of that diversion dam and if like magic that big tree that was placed across the slot was gone. I saw the tracks of where an excavator had gone into the river and that slot was wide open. I wonder what caused that? Perhaps a suicide bomber placed himself around it and was instantly sent to heaven.

One Comment:

  1. The decision to close the lower big hole river to fishing is based on average daily flow, rather than the real-time flow. Just because flow drops below 150cfs at some point doesn’t mean FWP will close the river. Instead, they use the average daily flow, which looks at the average of the six different flow reports that come in during the day. Once the ADF goes below 150 we will have a closure. Since the flow goes up to 170cfs at the peak during the day, an ADF below 150cfs is probably still a few days away.

    That’s the way its supposed to work, anyway.

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